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Best Java Books for beginners: Top Recommended

I did my best to present top Java books for beginners for both those who already have software development experience and those who are looking to learn to program using Java and recently thought it was another brand of coffee. The former would need Java book published in the last few years, the latter could get any Java books, because for learning programming the age of the books is relatively inconsequential. This best Java books review takes a look at books that share the goal of teaching beginners how to program in Java.

Beginning Programming with Java For Dummies

Beginning Programming with Java For Dummies book is not for those who already had experience programming in other languages, it would be too slow for them. The book was written for the beginner, and takes Java specifics slowly providing understandable material and basics of programming. This book written for people who just want to know how develop basic programs in Java. It explains in detail the basic elements of the Java programming language, with great coverage of syntax and keywords. The book accomplished by web site where reader could find all the code samples used in the books. The book is fun to read and I strongly recommend Beginning Programming with Java For Dummies to anyone who wants to get the mysterious world of programming with Java.

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Head First Java, Second Edition

Head First Java book is much more comprehensive and is not for Java beginners. The authors expect that reader already have a little bit of programming knowledge in order to understand what the book is covering. As every other Head First book, this book makes education visual, and using cartoons, puzzles and exercises gets the reader to think more deeply andretain what you learned. The book does not quite look like a technical text-heavy book and that’s why it is very suitable for self-study. The book covers amazingly well Java fundamentals and continue with an advanced concepts like remote method invocation, threads, and sockets, covering all these topics in a very friendly way. If you want to learn Java quickly and the right way, go with Head First Java book. I bet that in a few weeks you would wish that you had read this book sooner.

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Java Programming 24-Hour Trainer

Java Programming 24-Hour Trainer book by the software architect and Sun's Java Champion Yakov Fain is a new generation of Java tutorials for beginners. The book is not about learning the programming language in 24 hours, but about having an experienced instructor with you 24 hours a day. The book includes DVD recorded by author that has a presentation that goes with each lesson. The idea is that you read the book then listen to the presentation or vice versa. The five hundreds pages book consists of 38 lessons and extensively covers both Core Java and Java EE 6. Each lesson covered in the book is accompanied by video tutorial on DVD. At the end of each lesson is an assignment to complete. At this moment Java Programming 24-Hour Trainer is a best book for beginning Java developer; it is a practical, no-nonsense guide that can be powered through in a few weeks to have a great base for Java development. As far as downsides go, there's not much that is not solid about this book. The book is concise and DVD is well-recorded, accomplishing exactly what it set out to do: provide developers a quick, broad understanding of practical software development in Java.

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Finding the best Java book for beginner is a tough job! There are Java books aimed at the beginner, while there are advance Java books written for the expert. Some popular books cover general Java programming, others are for particular subject matter such as database management or networking configurations. I have reviewed dozens of the best Java books available, and selected the top Java books to help you find the title that's perfect for beginner.