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How To Decipher GitHub Resume

Here is what I look for in a candidate’s GitHub account that I treat as resume:

  • Recent, meaningful commits. I particularly like small incremental features or fixes with good code and tests, accepted into someone else’s open-source repositories.
  • Your own projects. Is the code clean, easy to read and commented appropriately.
  • Account depth and width - I want to find how and when you got started on Github and how you’ve used it since.
  • I am less concerned with what the project exactly does, but more concerned that the project was developed professionally.
  • There should be a test harness and the tests should pass.
  • I want to see that the person understands basic design patterns.

Here’s what the candidate should avoid having in GitHub account:

  • the same coding tutorials as everyone else in your graduating class
  • a bunch unmodified forks of common open-source projects
  • dense two-three weeks period of activity usually tells that candidate prepared a public-facing project to impress potential interviewers

If you don't have any work on GitHub, what does that say to people considering you as a developer?

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