Before starting your job search, look at these common Java interview questions asked during real interviews and understand the answers, but instead of memorizing the answers try to complete further research and come with your own personal solution for the interview question. The more prepared you are for what you will encounter, the more successful you will be. This collection of Java interview question could be also useful for software developers who need to interview Java developer.

Java Garbage Collection Interview Questions

Java garbage collection interview questions are most common java interview questions. The interviewer could use them to interview Java beginner asking simple questions like how to force the garbage collection. The same interviewer could ask Senior Java Developer with 5 years of experience about Java garbage collection tuning. Lets try to answer on the first question, leaving Java tuning interview questions for better time

How to force garbage collection in Java?

The Java developer does not need to have a lot of experience to answer immediately. Almost everyone, who learned a tad of Java or tried to pass an exam for Oracle Certified Professional Java SE Programmer OCPJP, knows that there is no way to force Java garbage collection immediatelly. The only opportunity is to call System.gc() and it just tells to the garbage collector that the developer want to do a garbage collection, but there is no guarantee when all the objects will garbage collected. In any case the best approach for developer is forget about memory management, and leave to Java.

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