Before starting your job search, look at these common Java interview questions asked during real interviews and understand the answers, but instead of memorizing the answers try to complete further research and come with your own personal solution for the interview question. The more prepared you are for what you will encounter, the more successful you will be. This collection of Java interview question could be also useful for software developers who need to interview Java developer.

Java Interview Question 9: What do you think of the future of Java?

As an open-ended interview question I like to ask both beginner and experienced Java Developer about Java future. The short version of one of the answers may sound like this:

Java platform, JVM and JDK, will certainly continue have the same importance it had in the past and will most likely maintain its position of most popular platform for software development for a long time. Groovy, Selenium, Jython, Scala and Clojure has obviously been booming during the last couple of years. Android platform is giving a major boost to Java in the mobile space. There are a massive array of open source and commercial libraries for Java. Even if major users of Java will decide to code all the existing Java application and systems to another language, it would take more than several years to replace it all. In the near term Java is safe investment and will remain highly relevant for a long time to come.

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