Before starting your job search, look at these common Java interview questions asked during real interviews and understand the answers, but instead of memorizing the answers try to complete further research and come with your own personal solution for the interview question. The more prepared you are for what you will encounter, the more successful you will be. This collection of Java interview question could be also useful for software developers who need to interview Java developer.

Java Interview Question 5: What is JVM?

The Java Virtual machine (JVM) is the implementation of abstract definition of the Java Virtual Machine Specification. JVM is the application required for execution of a Java applications and programs. There are multiple implementation of JVM by different vendors. For example, JRockit JMV Oracle, I9 JVM IBM and HotSpot JVM (née Sun) Oracle. JVM is primarily aimed at executing Java applications, but many other languages can run on top of it. For example the implementation of existing languages - Resin (PHP), Jython (Python), JRuby (Ruby).

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