Before starting your job search, look at these common Java interview questions asked during real interviews and understand the answers, but instead of memorizing the answers try to complete further research and come with your own personal solution for the interview question. The more prepared you are for what you will encounter, the more successful you will be. This collection of Java interview question could be also useful for software developers who need to interview Java developer.

Java Interview Question 3: What is the difference between J2EE and Java EE?

One of the questions I often ask during an interview is to explain the difference between Java EE and J2EE. Not surprisingly, this Java interview question is not as simple as it seems. I'm glad there are software developers who knows the correct answer, surprised that there are candidates who do not know the difference, and shocked when the candidate, usually folks applying for senior positions, became offensive. It seems that certain candidates think that we should not ask simple interview questions, because they already worked in the software industry for many years and we have to automatically assume that the candidate knows the basics. Unfortunately we have had very bad experiences and know prefer to interview java software developers properly.

Finally, an answer to What is the difference between J2EE and Java EE? question

J2EE was the name used for Java Enterprise Edition from version 1.2, released December 1999, up to version 1.4, released November 2003. Since Java Enterprise Edition 1.5, released May 2006, the abbreviation has been simplified and changed to Java EE.

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